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At A R Systems we understand that your organization has likely invested a lot of time and effort in ensuring your IT systems deliver your specific business requirements, hence we have designed our Legacy Modernization services in a way to help organizations investigate the options available for deriving further benefit from the investment already made in ageing, strategic applications, by way of modernizing the same

We have developed solutions that provide organizations with the ability to translate and evolve applications whilst preserving asset value.

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing application from a variety of perspectives. It is essential to fully understand the existing application architecture, software components, inter-relationships and complexity as well as exposing the business rules. It is critical that a well-defined process, supported by automation is developed to reduce the risk of failure and provide a clear road map of the way ahead.

Our solutions include:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Systems Management
  • Data Integration & Model to Model Transformation
  • Migration & Modernization
  • Managed services 

If you are interested in taking up our services, you can contact us at : 732-321.9227 or leave a message here: Click here

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